Construction Transportation Technician III

State of Utah

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Job Description


Transportation Technician III (Inspection) (2)

These positions may be underfilled
The Utah Department of Transportation is seeking an organized, self motivated individual to fill their Construction Transportation Technician III (Inspection) positions in Region Two, Construction Crew 2756. There are 2 positions available.

Principal Duties
The Construction Transportation Technician III duties include acting on behalf of engineering staff in materials testing, project inspection, documentation and office duties such as entering documentation into ProjectWise, project accounting, and pay estimates. You will use computer spreadsheets, project accounting, electronic field books, and Masterworks for project documentation. Your other duties include:

Inspecting roadway construction and projects.
Inspecting materials used in construction projects to ensure materials have been certified for use and meet specifications.
Gathering, identifying, and storing samples of materials to be tested on site or forwarded to a laboratory for testing.
Participating in the Region’s snow plan.
Leading or functionally supervising staff; delegating work assignments, monitoring/reviewing quality of work, scheduling staff, providing technical assistance or training, and providing input on performance appraisal, hiring and discipline.
Acting on behalf of engineering staff in projects.
Testing materials.
Maintaining accurate records and logs.
Detecting and eliminating/minimizing safety hazards.
Ensuring projects have complete and proper documentation.
Working with contractors.
Assisting with Project Closeout.
Completing other duties as assigned.

The Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for this position is someone who:Has completed all learning activities as a Transportation Technician I and II.
Has a Class ‘A’ CDL license.
Has strong attention to detail.
Leads by example.
Is willing to mentor and assist others.
Is self-motivated and able to motivate others.
Has a positive attitude.
This position may be filled as a Transportation Technician II for those who are not yet qualified for the level III. To be eligible to fill this position as a Transportation Technician II, you must be within one year of becoming Transportation Technician III qualified (completing all learning activities as a Transportation Technician I and II along with completing at least one specialty track.)
For non-UDOT employees, you will be required within the first 12 months after hire to complete all training for Transportation Technician I and II along with completing at least one specialty track.”

Why Should You Join Our Team?The work we do matters. If you want to make a positive difference doing meaningful work, this is the right place for you. Our mission statement is, “Enhance quality of life through transportation.” We define quality of life through a framework of Good Health, Connected Communities, Better Mobility, and Strong Economy. We help the State of Utah and its traveling public to get to where they want, when they want, in the way they want – and we make sure they can do it safely.

You will become part of a team with an internal culture of Trust, Teamwork, and Flexibility. Our organization lives by the values of Respect, Integrity, and Caring. If these are your values, too, you’ll be a great fit.

Aside from working for a cause-driven, cutting edge agency that is leading all other transportation departments in the nation, you will receive great health and retirement benefits. Working for the State of Utah provides a positive work-life balance. Click here to view a summary of the benefits we offer.

The AgencyUDOT is a strengths-based organization, which means its approach is based on identifying and developing individual and organizational strengths. Our philosophy is to address challenges by bringing our strengths to each situation and create the best solutions. Candidates are encouraged to be familiar with their strengths and consider how they may potentially be of benefit to the roles for which they are applying. UDOT uses the CliftonStrengths Assessment, but there are multiple strengths assessment tools available online, and no formal assessment is required.

For more information on the Utah Department of Transportation please click here.

Supplemental Information
Here is some additional information of which you should be aware:

Employee may be reassigned to a different work location as deemed necessary by the Region Director/Group Leader.
Employee will be assigned to the Region snow plan.
This position is subject to random drug and alcohol testing of employees after hire.
Standard 40 hours per week, schedule subject to change and subject to 24 hour availability, overtime, and varied work schedules due to inclement weather conditions, job assignment, and emergencies.
Work requires physical exertion.
Risks which require the use of special safety precautions and equipment.

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