Alabama State Department of Education

Full job description

TITLE: Teacher

JOB GOAL: To provide an educational environment designed to help students succeed academically in accordance with system philosophy, goals and objectives.


REPORTS TO: Principal


Minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
Valid Alabama Professional Educator Certificate
Knowledge of curriculum development, effective classroom practices, and professional development
Good public relations skills
Ability to understand the unique needs and learning characteristics of students
Ability to meet the suitability criteria for employment and/or certification licensure under the Alabama Child Protection Act of 1999 and Act No. 2002-457
Knowledge and ability to use and facilitate the use of various forms of education technology and assist in instructional practices
Superior leadership, collaboration, and interpersonal skills and ability to be an instructional leader across multiple settings. Must work collaboratively as a team member with large and/or diverse groups.
Physical strength, mobility, dexterity, stamina, and acuity to perform job responsibilities.
Proficiency in oral, written, and electronic communications with the ability to produce, lead, and deliver presentations to various stakeholders.


Demonstrates support for the school system, its vision, goals, and priorities.
Demonstrates the ability to multi-task, to delegate appropriately, and to prioritize tasks efficiently.
Maintains confidentiality of any Board of Education business, its staff, and its students.
Knowledge of the principles and practice of effective instruction.
Demonstrate and models regular and predictable attendance.
Demonstrate professionalism in appearance and in attitude at all times.
Demonstrate the ability to use technology for communication, presentations, research, data analysis, budgeting, record keeping, reporting, scheduling, and other job responsibilities as required.
Implement curriculum and programming specific to the needs of all students.
Collaborate with the Elementary and/or Secondary C&I Coordinator, local school administration, and counselors on matters related to 504, PST, RTI, ARI, curriculum, observations, textbooks, and all other items related to instruction.
Collaborate with the Operations Coordinator, local school administration, and counselors in identifying maintenance concerns.
Collaborate with local school administration and counselors on matters related to student discipline, Virtual School, student attendance, RYAS, court referrals, hearings, bullying/harassment concerns, and any other school matters.
Collaborate with special education teacher, local school administration, and counselors on matters related to special education, IEPs, BIPs, FBAs, disciplining students in special education, gifted education, accommodations/modifications to the curriculum, and all other items that may fall under special/gifted education.
Collaborate with school bookkeeper on matters related to finance, purchase orders, receipting monies, budgets, purchasing, and all other items that may fall under the finance department guidelines.
Collaborate with the Technology Director, local school administration, and counselors on matters related to technology; including purchasing, implementation, repairs, and all other items that may fall under the Technology Director’s supervision.
Supervise students.
Supervise mentee and student teacher as assigned.
Communicates, through written/electronic correspondence, with parents/guardians about student progress, concerns, and academic achievement.
Collaborates with local school administration and counselors on ongoing assessments to monitor student progress, interprets and uses data for instructional planning and teaching, and program evaluation.
Collaborates with local school administration and counselors to provide appropriate safety procedures in accordance with state and local guidelines.
Participates in district meetings, state meetings, and other activities that relate to professional development and effective school instruction as approved by the school principal.
Participates in the school improvement process and the implementation of school improvement plans, accreditation and accountability reports, and other required plans.
Demonstrates high-expectations for self and for students, and creates an environment that has goals that are both rigorous and achievable.
Participate in the evaluation process using state and locally approved evaluation tools.
Demonstrates initiative to improve job performance and in areas of responsibility.
Reports absenteeism and take leave in accordance to board policy and procedures. Prepares for substitute in accordance to board policy and school procedures.
Meets with various stakeholders to communicate and develop partnerships to benefit the school and community.
Communicates to local school administration about upcoming events and school activities pertaining to the school calendar.
Manages the behavior of learning in the classroom and participates in the management of students in other areas of the school and school grounds.
Supervises extra-curricular activities as assigned.
Supervises morning, afternoon, detention, etc. as assigned.
Performs other duties as directed by the principal.

Based on the St. Clair County School System Salary Schedule


Performance will be evaluated according to board policy.

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