Part Time Office Specialist I

State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description
The Utah Department of Transportation is looking for a dependable, reliable, and attentive person to provide customer service to callers and walk-ins, which includes answering questions and directing them to the correct divisions or groups. You will assist Department employees within Region Two while maintaining a positive and professional relationship with the public.

This position has the following work schedule:

Monday and Tuesday one week
Monday through Wednesday one week
All work days will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Principle Duties
As an Office Specialist, you will:Answer the main UDOT Region Two multiline telephone and answer questions or route calls appropriately.
Assist walk-in customers, answers questions and direct them to the appropriate areas.
Scanning and electronic filing of documents.
Scan in mail on a daily basis. Weekend mail will be gathered on Monday.
Schedule events that take place at the Region (i.e.: flu shot clinics and blood drives)
Use a software program to enter, track, and close out assignments given to Region senior leadership.
Assist with UDOT’s Click ‘N Fix program.
Order office supplies as needed.
Contact the help desk if assistance is needed with the audio/visual equipment in the conference rooms.
Assist with meeting preparations including ordering refreshments, preparing name tags, agendas, rosters, etc.
Help track orders upon request.
Monitor and track SRwebmail. This is an email address where the public submits questions, comments, concerns, complaints, pertaining to UDOT. The messages are forwarded to the appropriate divisions within UDOT for a response.
Assist with scheduling Region and Executive Office conference rooms.
Assist with updating the Region office cell phone list.
The Ideal Candidate
The best candidate for this position will have experience working in an office environment.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
Here are some of the knowledge, skills and abilities that are typically associated with the job, though not all-inclusive:find, gather and collect information or data
deal with people in a manner which shows sensitivity, tact, and professionalism
enter, transcribe, record, store, or maintain information in either written or electronic form.
lead the work of others by monitoring, reviewing, training co-workers and/or delegating work
speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally
principles, practices and procedures of an office environment
assemble, sort, and/or distribute documents, supplies, and/or materials/items
operate a typewriter or a computer keyboard
operate office equipment
compile, code, categorize, calculate, tabulate, audit, verify, or process information or data
communicate fluently in English
review and/or edit documents for accuracy and completeness
establish, organize and/or maintain files
communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing
organize information in a clear and concise manner
use automated software applications
research methods, techniques, and/or sources of information
grammar, spelling and punctuation
Supplemental Information
Here is some information of which you should be aware:Working Conditions – Risks found in the typical office setting, which is adequately lighted, heated and ventilated, e.g., safe use of office equipment, avoiding trips and falls, observing fire regulations, etc.
Physical Requirements – Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to perform the work; however, there may be some walking; standing; bending; carrying light items; driving an automobile, etc. Special physical demands are not required to perform the work.
Employee may be reassigned to a different location as deemed necessary by the Region Director/Group Leader.
Why Should You Join Our Team?
The work we do matters. If you want to make a positive difference doing meaningful work, this is the right place for you. Our mission statement is, “Enhance quality of life through transportation.” We define quality of life through a framework of Good Health, Connected Communities, Better Mobility, and Strong Economy. We help the State of Utah and its traveling public to get to where they want, when they want, in the way they want – and we make sure they can do it safely.

You will become part of a team with an internal culture of Trust, Teamwork, and Flexibility. Our organization lives by the values of Respect, Integrity, and Caring. If these are your values too, you’ll be a great fit.

Aside from working for a cause-driven, cutting edge agency that is leading all other transportation departments in the nation, you will receive great health and retirement benefits. Working for the State of Utah provides a positive work-life balance. Click here to view a summary of the benefits we offer.

The Agency
UDOT is a strengths-based organization, which means its approach is based on identifying and developing individual and organizational strengths. Our philosophy is to address challenges by bringing our strengths to each situation and create the best solutions. Candidates are encouraged to be familiar with their strengths and consider how they may potentially be of benefit to the roles for which they are applying. UDOT uses the CliftonStrengths Assessment, but there are multiple strengths assessment tools available online, and no formal assessment is required.

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