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State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description

There are plenty of reasons to come and work for one of the nation’s leading Department of Transportation. Chief among them is the value placed on our employees. As a Transportation Technician you will have many opportunities to grow and advance. Here are some highlights of being a Transportation Technician with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT):An entry level wage of $17.60. Then as you advance through the Transportation Education Program (TEP) levels you will receive a wage increase.
Earn additional compensation for on call, shift differential, weekends and holiday snow removal.
You can choose your path. As you advance there are various areas you can specialize in (example: Maintenance, Construction, Inspection, etc.). You control your career.
You will receive extensive online and field training opportunities at your own pace, to prepare you for advancement.
Everyone says that they offer fantastic benefits but we actually do. Here’s a breakdown of what you can enjoy:
Health Insurance – Public Employee Health Program (PEHP):3 medical plan options. Choose a Traditional or High Deductible Health Plan. (There is an Opt-Out Cash Benefit option for those that have other medial insurance coverage)
5 dental plan options (There is an Opt-Out Cash Benefit option for those that have other dental insurance coverage)
4 vision plan options under EyeMed or OptiCare
Retirement – Utah Retirement Systems (URS):Employees hired on or after than 7/1/2011 and have never been in the URS retirement system have two options for retirement in the Tier II System. Employer contributions to your 401(k) are vested after four years.
Employees who have any service credit with an employer covered by the Utah Retirement Systems prior to 7/1/2011 are in Tier I Public Employees System.Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System. Employer contributes an amount equal to 10% of your salary between both plans (pension and 401(k))
Tier 2 Defined Contribution Plan. Employer contributes an amount equal to 10% of your salary to a 401(k) plan only.
Employees who have any service credit with an employer covered by the Utah Retirement Systems prior to 7/1/2011 are in Tier I Public Employees System.
Paid Time Off – Annual leave and sick leave are accrued at 4 hours per pay period each (4 hours annual, 4 hours sick). Annual leave increases with years of service, sick leave doe not. There are also 12 paid holidays.
We also offer several other benefits. Click HERE to view a summary of the benefits we offer.

The Position
The Utah Department of Transportation is looking for a hard working hands-on individual to fill a Transportation Technician II position in Region Two’s, West Valley City Maintenance Station. This is a very important position that works as a team to maintain the roads and Keep Utah Moving as safely and efficiently as possible.

Principal Duties
Our Transportation Technicians use a variety of tools and heavy machinery from snow plows to backhoes to do their work. Each station is responsible for:
Performing highway maintenance.
Removing snow from state roadways.
Repairing signs and fences.
Working with contractors to complete projects.
Performing construction inspection and documentation
Performing materials testing and documentation
Completing other duties as assigned.
The Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for this position is someone who:Has a valid Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or is able to obtain one within 60 days of hire through Department provided training.
Is able and willing to report to the West Valley Maintenance Station located at 2443 So. Anna Caroline Dr. West Valley City, Utah 84120 within a 30 minute response time.
Is able and willing to provide 24 hour availability.
Self provide a smartphone with data and will be eligible to receive a monthly taxable allowance to offset the cost of cell plans. See UDOT Policy 02-26 Cell Phones
Is able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.
Is reliable and can work well in a team environment.
Is able and willing to complete continued education in the UDOT Transportation Education Program (TEP).
This position may be filled at the Transportation Technician I level for applicants who do not meet the preferences listed for a Transportation Technician II. In order to qualify at the Transportation Technician I level applicants must have a class “A” CDL or be able to obtain one within 60 days of hire. After hire, applicant will need to complete all TEP, maintenance equipment, and construction certification requirements.

Preference may be given to those with:A Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License.
Transportation Education Program (TEP) Transportation Technician II Training.
UDOT maintenance/construction experience.
Professional work experience operating heavy equipment.
Professional work experience with and/or knowledge of roadway maintenance/construction and snow removal.
Why Should You Join Our Team?

The work we do matters. If you want to make a positive difference doing meaningful work, this is the right place for you. Our mission statement is, “Enhance quality of life through transportation.” We define quality of life through a framework of Good Health, Connected Communities, Better Mobility, and Strong Economy. We help the State of Utah and its traveling public to get to where they want, when they want, in the way they want – and we make sure they can do it safely.

You will become part of a team with an internal culture of Trust, Teamwork, and Flexibility. Our organization lives by the values of Respect, Integrity, and Caring. If these are your values, too, you’ll be a great fit.

Aside from working for a cause-driven, cutting edge agency that is leading all other transportation departments in the nation, you will receive great health and retirement benefits. Working for the State of Utah provides a positive work-life balance. Click here to view a summary of the benefits we offer.

The Agency
UDOT is a strengths-based organization, which means its approach is based on identifying and developing individual and organizational strengths. Our philosophy is to address challenges by bringing our strengths to each situation and create the best solutions. Candidates are encouraged to be familiar with their strengths and consider how they may potentially be of benefit to the roles for which they are applying. UDOT uses the CliftonStrengths Assessment, but there are multiple strengths assessment tools available online, and no formal assessment is required.

For more information on the Utah Department of Transportation please click here.


Supplemental Information
Here is some additional information of which you should be aware:

This position is subject to pre-employment drug testing and random drug and alcohol testing of employees after hire. A conditional offer of employment may be made pending drug test results.
Employee may be reassigned to a different location as deemed necessary by the Region Director/Group Leader.
This position requires you to frequently be exposed to hazards and discomforts of traffic and environmental conditions due to the nature of the work assignment.
This position requires physical exertion. May require the ability to stand; walk over rough surfaces; bend, crouch, stoop, stretch, reach, lift moderately heavy items (up to 50 lbs.) in a recurring manner and/or for long periods of time.
We use the email address listed on your profile as a means of primary communication, please keep email and your name current and updated at all times.

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