Traffic Management Specialist, Control Room Operator

State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description
The Utah Department of Transportation is looking a skilled individual to be a Traffic Management Specialist for the Traffic Operations Center (TOC) Control Room. This position is a Control Room Operator that reports directly to the Control Room Shift Supervisor.

The primary responsibility of the TOC Operations is to monitor and manage traffic and disseminate traffic information in order to maximize traffic flow and increase safety. This is accomplished through the staffing of the Control room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently, there are 5 shifts of differing staff sizes that provide this coverage, working varied times and days, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Principle Duties
As a Control Room Operator, you will:

Ensure high quality traffic operations in the Traffic Operations Center control room.
Assist the Shift Supervisor when necessary as UDOT’s Incident Manager for all Level 1 classified incidents and act as the main correspondent for all subsequent incidents.
Assist the Shift Supervisor by helping to manage multiple control room activities such as coordination with media, the Dept of Public Safety, and Community Relations.
Provide communication and coordination with all UDOT regions, the Incident Management Team, and the Utah Highway Patrol.
Ensure that safety standards and quality assurance processes are followed, and, in the case of a serious incident or weather situations, may be required to work for an extended period during this time.
Make decisions in the Control room in accordance with UDOT’s Comprehensive Incident Management Plan, focusing on quick clearance of incidents and good data reporting.
Participate in after action reviews and training exercises, help generate reports and documentation, and maintain quality data.
Serve as a contact for public information requests and complaints made to the TOC.
Ensure high quality customer service in the Control Room.
Monitor Utah’s state-run transportation system for any and all incidents or occurrences that affect traffic flow and/or present a life safety issue.
Maintain accurate records, logs, and data.
Receive and evaluate incoming calls, determine whether emergency or routine and prioritize each; determine who needs to respond to call, relay instructions and questions.
Generate accurate and concise information in response to a variety of problems.
Ensures publications and information released to the media/public are accurate and consistent with agency objectives.

The Ideal Candidate
The best candidate for this position will have control room experience and/or control room specific training.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities
Here are some of the knowledge, skills and abilities that are typically associated with the job, though not all-inclusive:Principles, theories, and practices of Emergency Management.
Excellent customer service skills and quality customer service output.
Use multiple computer software programs to detect, verify, respond to, and log incidents.
Knowledge of Traffic Incident Management (TIMs).
Interact with the public, external partners, news and other agencies with professionalism, ensuring the continued growth and enhancement of UDOT’s relations with these groups.
Ability to problem solve in high pressure situations.
Interpret a variety of instructions in written, oral, or other form.
Generate accurate and concise information in response to a variety of variables.

Supplemental Information
Here is some information you should be aware of:There is one position available. See questionnaire for specific shift hours and days of week requirements.
This position will be working varied shifts to provide 24/7 coverage for the TOC Control room.
This position is subject to 24 hour availability.
Schedule may change when shift schedules are periodically reviewed.
Working Conditions – Risks found in the typical office setting, which is adequately lighted, heated and ventilated, e.g., safe use of office equipment, avoiding trips and falls, observing fire regulations, etc.
Physical Requirements – Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to perform the work; however, there may be some walking; standing; bending; carrying light items; driving an automobile, etc. Special physical demands are not required to perform the work.
Employee may be reassigned to a different location as deemed necessary by the Region Director/Group Leader.

Why Should You Join Our Team?
Aside from working for a cutting edge agency that is leading all other transportation departments in the nation, you will receive great health and retirement benefits. Working for the State of Utah provides a positive work-life balance. Click here to view a summary of the benefits we offer.

Utah Department of Transportation employees make a positive difference to the lives of Utah residents and they get to enjoy seeing the difference they make every day when they travel on Utah’s roads. They help the State of Utah and its traveling public to get to where they are going safely and in the most efficient way possible. As a UDOT employee you will help reach our goal of Zero Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities, which is a great goal for everyone.

The Agency
UDOT is a strengths-based organization, which means its approach is based on identifying and developing individual and organizational strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. UDOT uses the CliftonStrengths Assessment, and candidates are encouraged to be familiar with their strengths and consider how they may potentially be of benefit to the roles for which they are applying.

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