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Job Description

Job Title: Policy Analyst – Return to Utah

Job Description:
The new Return Utah program is similar to an internship designed for adults looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence. These opportunities are structured as return-to-work positions that provide the experience, training, skills, and mentoring an individual needs to return to the workforce.

Return Utah is a 16-week program for people who have taken a career break of at least two years for reasons such as starting or raising a family, caring for a family member, military service, continuing education, or other personal/career related reasons.

The program will commence on Monday January 10th, 2022, with the first week of the program consisting of learning, development and workplace orientation.

This is a full time, intent-to-hire Return Utah opportunity. Upon completion of the program, based on performance, participants may receive an offer of employment.

Policy Analyst – Principal Duties:
Assist UDAF policy team in tracking legislation that impacts UDAF during the 2022 General Legislative Session.
Research agriculture related legislation and communicate with potentially impacted staff as necessary.
Follow Utah legislative calendar and alert executive leadership and impacted staff regarding meetings where UDAF should be present and/or testify. Help ensure speakers are prepared to comment.
Assist UDAF policy team in drafting bullet points regarding legislation that UDAF opposes or supports.
Assist UDAF policy team in drafting or editing UDAF supported legislation and work with legislators on moving bills through the legislative process as necessary.
With direction from UDAF leadership, draft changes to existing rules as needed.
Communicate with staff from the Office of Administrative Rules and Governor’s Office in implementing suggested changes to rule filings.
Assist in drafting of five year reviews of UDAF rules and ensure they are filed on time. Assist in drafting and filing updates to UDAF rules to correct citations and ensure formatting is consistent with Utah Rulewriting Manual.
Internal Policy
Assist UDAF policy team in drafting updates to internal policies as needed in response to legislative or rules changes or internal or external audit findings.
Assist UDAF policy team in getting policy changes approved and published in UDAF policy manual.
Work with Division staff to update division policies and SOPs to ensure they are consistent with current practice and statutory requirements.

The Ideal Candidate will have:
A Bachelor’s degree or higher in political science, law, public administration, or a related field.
At least two years of experience working for the federal or a state or local government or in government relations.
Significant knowledge of the state legislative and rulemaking process.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Strong analytical and research skills.
Strong attention to detail.

Preferences may be given to those with at least one of the following:
An advanced degree in a related field.
Experience working in Utah state government and/or in work involving the Utah State Legislature.

Why You Should Join Our Team:
The State offers great health and retirement benefits, and generous paid time off. Click here to see what makes working for the State of Utah awesome.

The Agency:
If you would like to read more about working for the Department of Agriculture and Food please click here.

Supplemental Information

Risks found in the typical office setting, which is adequately lighted, heated and ventilated, e.g., safe use of office equipment, avoiding trips and falls, observing fire regulations, etc.
Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to perform the work; however, there may be some walking; standing; bending; carrying light items; driving an automobile, etc. Special physical demands are not required to perform the work.

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