Lead Electrician

State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description
Are you looking for that perfect job that works year-round without constant layoffs? Tired of always being laid -off because of the different construction and season cycles and having to find a new job? Do you want to have a great benefits package? We have a solution for you. The Utah National Guard has a civilian full-time Lead Electrician opening based at the National Guard Headquarters.

The principal duties of this position are to plan, organize, direct and coordinate complex electrical operations with maintenance and construction projects in various areas throughout Salt Lake County and the Northern Area of Utah.

The ideal candidate should have:

1) A Journey Electrician License.
2) An established professional work experience as an electrician.
3) The ability to lead and functionally supervise other staff in electrical matters.

You are not required to be a member of the Utah National Guard. This is a civilian position at the Utah National Guard.

Come and be part of an excellent working environment and a new exciting work area. You can join the stability and the benefits that the State of Utah has to offer. Be part of a team that is one of the best in the State of Utah.

Why You Should Join Our Team
This is an exciting opportunity for you to join our exceptional team and excellent working environment. Also, there may be opportunities in the future for you to be a highly competitive candidate for full-time benefits positions with the Utah National Guard!

The Agency
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Example of Duties
Some of the other specific major duties will include:

Establishing preventative maintenance schedules and coordinating these activities.
Providing assistance in electrical matters and/or on-the-job training.
Determining power requirements, overload cutout ratings and surge protection measures.
Designing and submitting plans for power distribution in new and remodeled structures, buildings, sheds or other electrical systems or electrical control equipment.
Wiring and rewiring electrical generators, alternators, electrical control equipment, circuits in buildings and shops, or other electrical systems.

Typical Qualifications
In addition to the above mentioned skills and knowledge, we would like to fill this position with a candidate that possess the following:

A clear understanding of the principles, theories, and practices of electricity.
A strong working knowledge of installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment.
A strong understanding of all electrical applicable laws, rules, regulations and/or policies and procedures.
A knowledge of a variety of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, benefits, repair, and maintenance.
Have the skill to read and interpret charts, plans, blueprints and/or electrical schematics.

Supplemental Information

Licensed as Journey Electrician
Risks which require the use of special safety precautions and/or equipment, e.g., working around operating machines, etc.
Work requires physical exertion.
Because of the nature of this position, the selected candidate will be subject to a successful background check reviewed by internal investigators.
NOTE: Department of Human Resource Management rules regarding promotions and transfers apply to current state employees.

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