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Full Job Description
Job Description
Are you an HVAC professional? Do you have an interest in working hard to serve state employees and customers by making sure the heating and air conditioning systems in state buildings are working and maintained properly? Apply today for this great Journey HVAC Specialist position!

Principal Duties
As a Journey HVAC Specialist you will:

Operate and maintain complex heating and air conditioning systems.
Troubleshoot and diagnose problems, make adjustments, repairs and/or performs preventative maintenance.
Evacuate and recharge air conditioning systems.
Install parts, equipment, lines, hardware or software, etc.
Build, fabricate, or repair equipment from verbal instructions, blueprints and/or working drawings.
Use and operate a variety of hand tools, electrical, mechanical, and automotive equipment.
Perform related plumbing, mechanical, painting and pipe fitting, etc., duties.
Enter data into a computer system and retrieves, corrects, or deletes previously entered data.
Maintain accurate records and logs.
Perform general facility maintenance including, plumbing and electrical, as needed.
Perform building automation/energy management system maintenance, as needed.

The Best Qualified Candidate
The best qualified candidate will have:A Universal EPA Refrigerant Handling Certification.
Experience operating, maintaining, and repairing complex heating and air conditioning systems.
Additional Preferences
Additional points may be awarded to those who have:Experience maintaining and repairing complex energy management systems.
Experience in general facility maintenance, including plumbing and electrical.
Why You Should Join Our Team
State agencies and customers depend on us to keep their buildings safe, comfortable and beautiful – and we take pride in delivering! We offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package. DFCM is dedicated to providing professional services to assist State entities in meeting their facility needs for the benefit of the public, and is the building manager for all State owned facilities.

Typical Qualifications



Supplemental Information

Working Conditions: Risks which require the use of special safety precautions and/or equipment, e.g., working around operating machines, working with contagious diseases or hazardous chemicals, etc.
Physical Requirements: Work requires physical exertion. May require the ability to stand; walk over rough surfaces; bend, crouch, stoop, stretch, reach, lift moderately heavy items (up to 100 lbs.) in a recurring manner and/or for long periods of time.
Must be available for on call services.
DHRM rules apply for promotions/transfers.

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