Engineering Technician III, II, I

State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description

Job Title: Engineering Technician III, II, I

Job Description:
Do you like to analyze and solve complex problems? Are you comfortable interacting with people? These positions will assist the public in researching complex water right inquiries and help with the filing and reviewing of applications. Also to assist the Division of Water Rights’ staff in making timely decisions and taking actions on various water right applications and reviewing Orders of the State Engineer.

Principal Duties:
As an Engineering Technician with the Division of Water Rights you will:

Assist the public in person and over the phone to answer questions regarding water right procedures.
Assist with preparing various water right applications.
Create maps using the Division’s mapping software.
Review and process simple ownership conveyances.
Assist in the technical review of proofs and certificate documents.
Analyze and assist with the review of draft Orders of the State Engineer.
Ideal Candidate:
Engineering Technician III ($17.39-$32.43)
Working title: Water Right Analyst
BA/S degree in Physical Science + 1 year water rights experience + water rights exam (90% pass) or MS degree + water rights exam (90% pass)

Engineering Technician II ($16.48-$27.57)
Working title: Water Right Associate
BA/S degree in Physical Science
Or Technical School, Associate Degree + 2 years as Tech I + water rights exam (70% pass) or HS diploma + 6 years as Tech 1 or equivalent + water rights exam (70% pass)

Engineering Technician I ($14.37-$24.73)
Working title: Assistant Technician
HS diploma + Enrollment in college/tech school or HS diploma + 5 years water right experience + water rights exam (50%)

Preference will be given to candidates with direct water right experience.

Why You Should Join Our Team:
As one of the oldest agencies in State of Utah the Division of Water Rights has a long history of playing a critical role in the management of the state’s water resources. Consequently, water users rely on the expertise of the Division of Water Rights to provide order and certainty in the distribution of Utah’s water. As a member of our team you will have the opportunity to help people from all over the state understand water rights, work in a challenging profession that has a meaningful impact on every aspect of life in the arid West, and shape the future of the state’s most valuable resource.

The Agency:
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Example of Duties

Serve as a public information specialist for statewide issues. Handles inquiries, assists in the filing of applications, does research on simple and some complex water right matters, coordinates activities with the Regional Offices and advises water users and staff on statewide water right matters.
Review draft Orders of the State Engineer on requests for Extension of Time and simple water right change, appropriation, nonuse, and exchange applications.
Assists in the technical review and processing of proofs/affidavits and certificates.
Reviews proof and certificate forms and coordinates activities with engineers and the regional offices.
Review and process simple Reports of Conveyance forms and Deed Addendums to make updates for appropriate title action on water rights.
Assist the Applications and Records Section management staff and regional offices in gathering data from field reviews, hearings, and research to provide support for decisions to be made on applications.
Processes all applications for advertising, including scanning and filing of Proofs of Publication.
Assist and work to complete larger water right research as requested by section management.

Typical Qualifications

Utah water right law, rules, regulations, and statewide policies.
Principles, theories, and practices of water resource management.
Research methods, techniques, and/or sources of information.
Use logic to analyze or identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts associated with information or data to draw conclusions.
Read and interpret maps, plats, charts, plans, and/or blueprints.
Read, interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures.
Speak clearly, concisely and effectively (in English); to listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally.
Communicate information and ideas clearly and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing.
Use State or agency-specific software application programs.

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