Engineer III, II

State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description

Job Title: Engineer III, II

Job Description:
Do you like to analyze and solve complex problems? Would you enjoy working in a field that is directly involved in facing Utah’s most pressing water issues? Are you comfortable interacting with people? This position will serve in the Division of Water Rights in the Utah Lake/Jordan River Region office housed in Salt Lake City, Utah. You would help handle public inquiries, assist with the steps in various application processes, regulatory duties, and responsibilities of the Division. This will entail the collection, review and research of records and data to make proper evaluations and recommendations.

The Ideal Candidate:

A degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering.
Registered as a Professional Engineer.
Passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam with the potential to become a Professional Engineer within a few years.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent customer service skills.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Willing to work in the field in remote, rugged terrain with varying weather conditions.
Position may be filled at the Engineer II, or Engineer III level depending upon selected candidate’s qualifications.

To Qualify for the Engineer II ( $27.57 – $46.16)
Satisfactory completion of Engineer -In-Training (EIT) or the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) required. Incumbents have experience working as an Engineer but are not licensed as a Professional Engineer. Most of their work must be reviewed and approved by a licensed Engineer. Incumbents use independent judgment in the modification and evaluation of standard techniques, perform independently on most assignments, receiving technical guidance on unusual problems. Incumbents apply the knowledge and techniques of advanced mathematics and engineering to assignments.

To Qualify for the Engineer III ( $30.72 – $48.72)
Must be registered as a professional engineer in accordance with the provisions of Utah Code Annotated 58-22. This is a working level job requiring minimal supervision. Incumbents in this job utilize advanced training, experience and independent judgment in the evaluation and modification of complex engineering situations requiring specialized abilities. Incumbents apply the knowledge and techniques of advanced mathematics and engineering to assignments.

*Preference will be given to candidates with direct water rights experience.

Why You Should Join Our Team
As one of the oldest agencies in the State of Utah, the Office of the State Engineer (i.e., the Division of Water Rights) has a long history of playing a critical role in the management of the state’s water resources. Consequently, water users rely on the expertise of the Division of Water Rights to provide order and certainty in the distribution of Utah’s water. As a member of our team you will have the opportunity to help people from the eastern region understand water rights, work in a challenging profession that has a meaningful impact on every aspect of life in the arid West, and shape the future of the state’s most valuable resource.

The Agency
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Example of Duties

Assist the public in person, over the phone and electronically in answering questions, reviewing water right and other files, and explaining office procedures, policy guidelines, and statutes. Advise water users and assist in the preparation and filing of applications.
Assist Regional Engineer, regional staff and the Appropriation Section in responsibilities related to water right appropriations.
Assist the Field Services Section and the Regional Engineer in the management and supervision of established distribution systems within the region. Assist water commissioners and water users as necessary and operate river modeling programs.
Assist the Field Services Section and the Regional Engineer as requested in preparation and verification of information related to the on-going actions to enforce water right related issues.
Assist the Dam Safety Section and the Regional Engineer in fulfilling duties pursuant to UCA Sec. 73-5a.
Assist the Field Services Section and the Regional Engineer in the preparation and/or receipt and processing of applications for the renovation or replacement of existing wells, monitor wells, non-production (heat pump) wells and other provisional (“test”) wells.
Assist the Adjudication Section and the Regional Engineer in the accomplishment of court ordered adjudications.
Attend presentations, review, and compose written reports, and make public presentations.
Perform fieldwork duties in various parts of the region in Utah.
Other duties as assigned.

Typical Qualifications

Principles, theories, and practices of engineering
Be physically able and willing to travel to and work at high elevations or other remote areas.
Speak clearly, concisely, and effectively (in English); to listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally. Multilingual individuals are encouraged to apply.
Ability to speak clearly, concisely, and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally.
Ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing.
Ability to effectively communicate with, teach and coach other individuals new concepts in learning situations.
Ability to solve problems using logic to identify key facts, explore alternatives, and propose quality solutions; analyze or identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts associated with information or data to draw conclusion.
Ability to provide technical assistance to water users.
Ability to use GIS technology solutions.
Ability to read, interpret, and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures.
Knowledge of Utah water rights, their characteristics, and attributes; water right policies and procedures.
An in-depth knowledge of the statutes, current policy guidelines and procedures pertaining to the appropriation of water.
A working knowledge of Title 73, Chapters 1-6, 12a, 13, 21, 28 and 31 UCA, 1953 as amended current office procedures, and policies guidelines; ability to prepare and process water right applications based on these procedures and guidelines and the ability to assume direct responsibility, in consultation with the Regional Engineer, for the referenced applications.
Familiarity with the various types of water measurement devices including but not limited to weirs, flumes, digital flow meters, and their use.
Familiarity with court decrees, water right proposed determinations, water distribution schedules and other available documents used in the administration of these water right areas.
Familiarity with the adjudication manual and current policy guidelines and procedures pertaining to the adjudication of water.
An understanding of the responsibilities of division and region staff related to dam safety and ability to participate in the scheduling and accomplishment of mandated dam inspections.
Visit construction sites for unscheduled inspections during construction or maintenance on existing dams. Coordinate visits and convey information to the section office.
A working understanding of hydrologic concepts and terms and ability to use river modeling programs.
A working understanding of geologic concepts and terms.

Supplemental Information

PE license or Engineer -In-Training (EIT) or the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE).
Preference may be given to applicants with a master’s degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering.
Candidates with engineering degrees closely related to Civil or Environmental Engineering might be considered.
Preference may be given to applicants with professional work experience in Water Rights.
Typical schedule: Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm or Tuesday – Friday 10 hour day shifts during business hours.
Sitting for periods of time doing office work and research.
Employee must have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in the state of Utah.

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