Assistant Hand Crew Supervisor

State of Utah

Full Job Description
Job Description

Job Title: Assistant Hand Crew Supervisor

Job Description:
The Lone Peak Conservation Center is seeking highly skilled and motivated applicants for a career position as Twin Peaks Type 2 IA Assistant Crew Supervisor. The Twin Peak IA assistant crew supervisor will manage aspects of a complex fire resource program by developing and integrating numerous employees to form a group or groups of independent resources; while ensuring proper delivery of all assigned resource(s) services through oversight, guidance, and fiscal accountability; will fulfill agency and inter-agency requirements for the establishment and delivery of wildland firefighting resource services; serves in a key fire management position that requires extensive experience in wildland fire suppression and personnel management; serves as an agency representative to interface with local, regional, and national dispatch centers, agency and inter-agency partners, and the public; directly impacts the annual delivery of products and services derived from agency strategic planning, in addition, will help develop, oversee and manage all aspects of the Twin Peaks IA wildland fire program.

Principal Duties:

Assist in supervising subordinate personnel including: determining workload and delegating assignments, training, and evaluating performance, initiating corrective or disciplinary actions. Mentor, motivate and provide direction for subordinates, develop and deliver curriculum for training.
Assist in the development of strategies and plans, organize workplace functions; coordinate times, vacation schedules, and other staffing coverage; uphold established workplace procedures; authorize and audit unit billing/ expenditures; maintain records; arrange for equipment maintenance and is responsible for its upkeep and accountability.
Resolves potentially dangerous situations to ensure the safety of staff, adjoining resources and/ or the public.
Provide leaders intent and direction for all wildland firefighting and project applications. Ensure all operations meet agency guidelines for safe operations.
Complete annual core training and certification requirements for qualifications, competency and physical fitness per the standards of the state of Utah, and Lone Peak Conservation Center.
Ideal Candidate:Extensive experience as a firefighter and leader in wildland firefighting, with an emphasis on Initial Attack operations.
Advanced knowledge of fire suppression strategies and tactics, fireline leadership and organizational program management.
NWCG Qualified Crew Boss (CRWB) & Incident Commander Type 5 (ICT5).
Team player able to contribute to the Lone Peak Conservation Center’s sustainability.
Why You Should Join Our Team:
Live and work in the Salt lake metropolitan area. Fantastic recreational activity access. Great benefit and retirement packages. Support the citizens of the State of Utah and the country by suppressing wildfires and making a difference in fire management activities. Be a part of a proactive fire management division and suppression organization.

The Agency:
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Typical Qualifications
Minimum Qualifications:
NWCG qualified Crew Boss (CRWB) & Incident Commander Type 5 (ICT5).

Preferred Qualifications:
FAL (2) or (T) FIRB or (T) ICT4 or (T)
Supplemental Information

Firefighter Retirement
Physical Requirements
Physical Requirements (cont.)
Risks (cont.)
Wildland fire qualifications and agency certification standards.
CRWB ICT(5) FAL(3) First Aid/CPR
Wildland fire supervisory experience
Must travel/participate with crew on all assignments (project,fire,all hazard) unless previously discussed and approved.
Must meet LPCC response time standards for mobilization.

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