AP&P Agent, POST – Region 5 Only

  • Full Time
  • Iron County, UT
  • $33.87 an hour USD / Year
  • Applications have closed
  • Salary: $33.87 an hour

State of Utah

Are you looking for a career in providing public safety? Do you want to help make a difference in your community by helping individuals become productive members of the community? Then don’t miss your chance to apply to be an Adult Probation and Parole Agent!
Adult Probation and Parole Agents work directly with individuals who are on probation or parole in the community. They monitor compliance with conditions set by the Courts and the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole and work with them to become law-abiding members of the community. Agents engage directly with individuals to address criminal risk factors through application of evidence based correctional practices to provide the right services, in the right amount, at the right time. Agents assist individuals in developing target focused, offender driven Case Action Plans with ambitious timeframes developed from accurate and thorough risk/needs assessments.

The Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for this position is someone who:
Current Law Enforcement Officer certification/certifiable/currently attending a college based LEO academy; or
Has minimum of 18 months experience as a Correctional Officer; or
Associate degree or higher from an accredited university or 60 completed hours of college coursework; or
18 months in any non-certified/civilian position within UDC; or
18 months experience in juvenile corrections / probation; and
Must be able to pass the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) physical testing entrance standard or be currently LEO certified, which includes completion of EVO.
This recruitment will be used to fill AP&P Agent positions for approximately 1 year in AP&P Region 5, various locations around the southern part of the State of Utah. (Cedar City and Hurricane)

The entry hourly rate for Agent is $33.87
Internal UDC employees salary will be based on the current Promotional Policy. (If the increase brings you above the top of the range, your increase will stop at the top of the range.)

**All communication regarding this recruitment/testing process, will be sent out via email.

Why You Should Join Our Team
Agents have a moderately flexible work schedule. Office visits with their caseload occur Monday through Friday; home visits occur at various times of day and day of week to effectively manage their caseload. After completing field training, Agents may be assigned a vehicle they share with another Agent. Agents are required to work at least 1 night per week and 1 weekend day per month. Depending on work location, some agents also have on-call responsibilities. You will work side by side with our team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring public safety and positive change of individuals we supervise. Great health and retirement benefits are available. Generous paid time off is provided so you can spend more time with your family and have a positive work-life balance. Eligible UDC employees may receive up to $5,250 per year for qualified education reimbursement. Click here to view a summary of the benefits we offer.

The Agency
The Utah Department of Corrections is a dedicated team of professionals who ensures public safety by effectively managing offenders while maintaining close collaboration with partner agencies and the community. Our team is devoted to providing maximum opportunities for offenders to make lasting changes through accountability, treatment, education, and positive reinforcement within a safe environment. We ensure public safety through offender success. For more information on the Utah Department of Corrections please click here.
Example of Duties
1) Gathers background information, interviews clients and collateral contacts, visits residences, places of business, jails, etc; evaluates credibility of sources, circumstances, and other related factors.
2) Applies evidence-based practices through risk/needs assessment, offender interactions, case action plan development, target focused interventions, and other effective supervision strategies.
3) Analyzes, summarizes and/or reviews data; reports findings, interprets results and/or makes recommendations.
4) Counsels clients to achieve adequate personal rehabilitation and social adjustments through case action planning.
5) Conducts interviews to gather or clarify information, compiles reports and makes sentencing recommendations based on the information gathered.
6) Adapts supervision program(s) to meet specific needs or concerns an individual has.
7) Conducts special investigations for the courts and/or Board of Pardons/Parole and processes paperwork involved.
8) Interacts with confidential informants and acts as an information liaison with other law enforcement agencies.
9) Completes and reviews interstate compact requests.
10) Collects urine samples and/or administers breathalyzer tests.
11) Make arrests when necessary, utilize law enforcement equipment and training.

Typical Qualifications
(includes knowledge, skills, and abilities required upon entry into position and trainable after entry into position)
1) Use logic to analyze or identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts associated with information or data to draw conclusions.
2) Speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally.
3) Evaluate information against a set of standards.
4) Find, gather and collect information or data.
5) Communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing
6) Agency and/or organizational program(s)
7) Maintain confidentiality
8) Make a decision or solve a problem by using logic to identify key facts, explore alternatives, and propose quality solutions
9) Provide individual, group and/or family mentoring
10) Deal with people in a manner which shows sensitivity, tact, and professionalism
11) Interviewing techniques
12) The probation and parole rehabilitation process
13) Court/hearing, rules, records, procedures and protocol
14) Arrest and detention procedures
15) Operate and maintain weaponry
16) Job requires LEO certification; Peace Officer Standards Training in Utah.
17) Must possess a valid Utah driver’s license

Supplemental Information
Qualified applicants who are:

Not LEO certified; or
LEO applicants whose certification is not active must re-activate their certification prior to obtaining employment and must pass a PT test at the LEO academy entrance standards before moving on in the recruitment process.

The standard is:
15 inch Vertical Jump
Isometric Plank for 1 minute (continuous)
16 Push-ups, no time constraint, but must be continuous movement/no resting
1.5 mile run in 15:37 or less
If an applicant makes the final hiring list and while awaiting a job offer and their LEO certification becomes inactive because they have not been employed as an LEO for more than 18 months, but less than four years as described in Utah Code 53-6-208 and 53-6-306, the applicant must complete the reactivation process prior to being hired. If an applicants certification has lapsed, they are not eligible for reactivation and will be required to complete the entire academy.
For additional information on the reactivation process, please refer to: https://post.utah.gov/waiverreactivation-process/
For applicants who must attend the LEO academy, arrangements will be made at the time a job offer is extended.

Out of State Applicants:
If you are testing as correctional or law enforcement officer from out of state, you will be required to pass the PT test. If you are interested in having your law enforcement officer certification transferred to Utah you must comply with any requirements Utah POST sets forth. These requirements may include at a minimum: Utah POST application for certification, passing a written and PT test and providing a copy of the POST academy curriculum from the state of certification. If Utah POST declines to honor your previous certification, you will be required to attend the Utah POST Law Enforcement Academy.

Retired or Retiring Applicants:
If you have previously retired or are considering retirement from another law enforcement agency and are looking for an excellent opportunity with Adult Probation and Parole, you are encouraged to apply.
On the first day of the LEO block, those attending must:
Pass the LEO entrance physical fitness test.
Have passed or pass the LEO entrance written test.
J ob requires LEO certification; Peace Officer Standards Training in Utah.
Risks found in potentially dangerous or unusual environmental stress situations, e.g. working at great heights, working in extreme outdoor weather conditions, being subject to possible physical attack, etc.
The work requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion such as frequent climbing, lifting heavy objects over 50 pounds, crouching or crawling in restricted areas, defending oneself and/or others against physical attack.
Hiring officials may identify additional related skills and requirements as preferences for this position.
Members of minority population groups are encouraged to apply.

Promotions and Promotion Lists:
The Division of Adult Probation and Parole has identified this recruitment as a “List” position. Candidates will be offered positions, if placed on the list (after promotional testing and background checks) until approximately 1 year has passed or the list is exhausted. This list may be cancelled at any time. All employment offers are based on multiple factors and candidate rank on the list may not determine the order in which positions are offered. All offers are considered conditional upon successful completion of certification requirements, a field-training program and probation. Candidates who are not currently employed with the State of Utah may test for list positions but will not be offered positions until all new hire requirements are satisfied. Upon satisfaction of all new hire requirements, candidates are “eligible” for positions, depending on availability and need. Applicants who are Correctional Officer certified only, will be required to complete the LEO academy within one year of hire.
Time, Training, Education and Experience (T2E2) points will not be used to eliminate you from the testing process. If you make the final hiring list, T2E2 points will be factored into your overall score and will be reflective in your final position on the hiring list. If you do not make the final hiring list, T2E2 points, will not be considered.
Documentation (proof) may be requested at any time to verify the accuracy of the information the applicant indicates on the application.
Before an offer is made or applicants are placed on a “list,” a complete background check will take place that includes:
Review of performance evaluations and notes
Check of employee personnel files and review for disciplinary issues
Criminal background check
References, including current supervisor. If any issues are revealed during the background check that are concerning and do not merit offering a promotion, you will be notified of the reason and will be removed from the recruitment list.
For external applicants a polygraph, drug test, medical evaluation, and other background checks will be conducted prior to any job offers being made.
There may be situations when the hiring official will use a lateral transfer to fill a position.
If a candidate declines an offer for a particular location he or she will remain on the hiring list for other potential offers in locations they are willing to work. The hiring list will be used for approximately one year. You will only be offered a job for the locations you select you are willing to work.
Please be mindful as you consider accepting a position in locations across the State. You must agree to work in any given location for 2 years prior to transferring to another region. Lateral transfers between regions are done at the discretion of AP&P administration and will be offered on a limited basis.

Minimum Qualifications for Adult Probation/Parole Officer:
Law Enforcement Officer certification/certifiable/currently attending a college based LEO academy; or
Minimum of at least 18 months experience as a Correctional Officer; or
Associate degree or higher from an accredited university or 60 completed hours of college coursework; or
18 months experience in juvenile corrections / probation; or
18 months in any non-certified/civilian position within UDC; and
Must be able to pass the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) physical testing entrance standard or be currently LEO certified, which includes completion of EVO.
Time with the Utah Department of Corrections or in a Post-Certified Law Enforcement position: A maximum of 25 points are available, with 1 point per year of Utah Department of Corrections service.

Education: Maximum of 30 points based on completed credit hours, certificate or degree.
8-16 *college credit hours = 1 point
17-32 *college credit hours = 2 points
33-48 *college credit hours = 4 points
Completed College Level Certification Program = 5 points
Completed Associates = 10 points
Completed Bachelors = 20 points
Completed Masters = 30 points
College Credit Hours = Semester hours or equivalent